Oh the weather outside is frightful

It all started with a text from a group mate saying that all the classes were cancelled that day due to the professor’s illness. As my friend and I were exactly on our way to the uni together we decided not to lose such a great opportunity to hang out. We slightly planned the day so that it would be comfortable for both of us and began the journey. And just as soon as we went out of the Kitay-Gorod underground station we immediately wanted to get back inside. 

The blizzard outside was so bad and the  wind was blowing wet snow right into our faces. We literally couldn’t see where we were going. A walk that was planned to be long and quiet almost turned into a race from one shop/café/shopping center to another. 

However we decided not to give up and as it was about 10 a.m. we headed to a coffee house to have some breakfast. We ordered some salads, tortillas and glasses of lemonade and after sitting there for about an hour gazing at random passer-by’s and chatting we continued our walk. As it’s Christmas in less than a month we decided to do a little bit of shopping and went to Yves Roche which was at the same street where we were. Then we attempted to walk to the Red Square on foot but after a few minutes of walking we ended up getting to another place by the underground. 

We went to the Central Children’s Shop, well basically to take some pictures at the view point. And the view point had never been that empty! Aside from us there were just a couple of people who quit almost right after we came in. And soon we understood why. The wind which was strong at the bottom was much stronger on the top. We did not give up and took some pictures trying not to pay attention to our hair flying all around. Also we took some pictures of festive decorations which were so gorgeous and sparkly!

Then we once again attempted to walk to our another destination, Red Squre, but obviously failed. The wind seemed to calm down, but we were wrong and it only got stronger. So we used the underground again and got to the Okhotny Ryad station. As it was around lunch time and it was still bright outside, the decorations at the Manezhnaya Square were turned off. Well, we didn’t care about it a lot as it wasn’t the place we were going to. We headed to the Red Square and… oh my god! The GUM and the trees around it and the skating rink were sparkling with ornaments and fairy-lights and it made me feel so festive and happy. 

After taking pictures at the Christmas fair which was — guess what — empty just as the view point the the children’s shop, we were very cold and went to the GUM to warm up. We bought some candy floss and cream soda lemonade and sat on a bench under the giant Christmas tree and tried not to think about going back home in that weather. 

So that’s it. After whole three or even more months I actually found inspiration to write another post. Hope you like it 

Yours, Ana


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